Patchogue Press Conference & Rally Against Hate - Video & Photos 11/12/08

1) Joselo spoke lovingly about his older brother Marcello whom he described as a peaceful and hard working person.

He also confided that he had been feeling very lonely as a result of his loss, but that the expressions of support gave him comfort.

What was also touching was watching Joselo receive that comfort from his fellow Latino immigrants. While Joselo waited in the back of the crowd for his turn to talk, quietly, one-by-one, women and men approached Joselo to offer condolences, a hug or a hug. It was very moving.

2) Speaking as a fellow Latino immigrant (Dominicana), former educator, parent and Suffolk County Deputy Presiding Officer, Vivian Viloria-Fisher expressed -- in Spanish and English -- her condolences to Joselo and the Lucero family.

She also called for united across racial, ethnic and class divides because 'we're one Suffolk'.

3)Nassau County Legislator David Mejias expressed his condolences and those of his Ecuatorian immigrant mother to the Lucero family.

Mejias also relayed how he became angry when he first heard of the slaying, but remembered the faith taught to him by his mother to hate the sin but love the sinner.

Mejias sought to model his faith by embracing Jack Eddington -- the county legislator for Patchogue and a supporter of anti-immigrant legislation.

4) Dr. Luis Valenzuela, executive director of the LI Immigrant Alliance, also expressed his condolences in Spanish and English to the Lucero family.

But unlike the other speakers, Dr. Valenzuela went further than merely calling for unity which may not happen if key leaders don't change their ways. He connected the hate killing of Mr. Lucero directly to the poisonous atmosphere promoted over the last few years by nativist-pandering legislators and County Executive Steve Levy -- and he demanded change.

Specifically, Dr. Valenzuela demanded that the legislator representing Patchogue--Eddington--never again promote anti-immigrant policies.

5) Joselo also spoke about the need to teach young right from wrong.

Unfortunately, for some it's always just about politics. Inter cut in this video is local schools superintendent Michael Mostow boasting that in four years he's only had one racial incident. This is also the fellow who spent his time at the mic shamelessly lobbying for more state funding.
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