LI Immigrant Alliance: The Hate Killing of Marcelo Lucero in Suffolk County

While our reaction to this latest hate crime on Long Island is shock almost to the point of feeling numb, we can only imagine the agony that the Lucero family is going through.

We extend our deepest condolences to his family. And we call upon the whole community to come together, not only to express condemnation and extend sympathy to the Luceros, but just as importantly, to critically reflect on why these teenagers thought they had license to viciously attack another human being.

We call on all the entire Long Island community to pledge to take action to prevent such a horrible tragedy from ever happening again.

It is difficult to comprehend why such hatred exists, but it cannot escape our notice that this is only the latest hate crime in Suffolk County. For too long, anti-immigrant and anti-Latino sentiment has been tolerated in Suffolk County, as reflected in the introduction of anti-immigrant bill after anti-immigrant bill in the county legislature.

We call upon all Long Islanders to recognize the humanity of all our neighbors, and to embrace practical solutions that uphold our nation’s values and move us forward together.

Luis Valenzuela, Executive Director, Long Island Immigrant Alliance
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