Obama's Long Island Victory

Barack Obama easily won New York in Tuesday's presidential election by capturing 62% (4,357,360) of the vote to McCain's 37% (2,593,368).

Nationally, New York tied for 4th best result for Obama-Biden with Illinois and Massachusetts. The strongest Obama states were Hawaii (72%), Vermont (67%) and Rhode Island (63%). (Of course, Washington, DC gave 93% of its vote to Obama-Biden.)

But how did Obama do on Long Island? Actually, he did quite well.

The Obama-Biden ticket won all four of Long Island's counties with 65% (1,617,626) of the vote to McCain-Palin's 34% (845,957).* They trounced McCain-Palin in the urban counties of Kings and Queens, while also edging their GOP rivals in suburban Nassau and Suffolk.

Here are the results:

Obama-Biden 79%
McCain-Palin 20%

Obama-Biden 74%
McCain-Palin 25

Obama-Biden 53%
McCain-Palin 46%

Obama-Biden 52%
McCain-Palin 47%

*LI vote total vote count as of 11/6 is 2,486,410.

What was the impact of Long Island's surging 1.5 million Latino community on Tuesday's election results? Stay tuned. That will be the topic of a future post.
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