L.I. Nativists On Display (in more ways than one)

Long Island nativists protest not the killing of Marcelo Lucero, but a newspaper's coverage of that hateful act.

Twisted, right?

To them it's unAmerican for the newspaper -- Newsday -- to give more than cursory coverage to an act which repulsed all decent Americans and whose fallout will be felt for some time to come.

But what Newsday's coverage -- and the angry protestations it's provoked from racists and nativists -- reveals a bit of Long Island's dark side: a legacy of racism with its tribal impulse to scapegoat the weak and powerless.

Shamelessly, these nativists wrap themselves in the American flag -- as so many hatemongers before them have done. If only today's protesters really cared about the protections and safeguards written into the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Bill of Rights. If only they could just once put down their pitchforks.

But it's clear from their tantrums, anonymously comments and threats, haters love to hate but they prefer to do it clandestinely. Of course, in the light of day they're "patriots".

The following are just some of the ill-informed, hateful and distorted views posted on Newsday.com by those angered by the newspaper's excellent reporting on the Marcelo Lucero hate killing:

It's ok that when whites kill a minority, newsday gives the victim 3 pages a day, but 25 Americans a day are killed at the hands of illegal aliens in this country due to drunk driving, murder and job accidents but that never gets mentioned.

Buy the way..you can't walk the streets here during the DAY or NIGHT, due to the fact that there are PACKS of hispanics walking the streets here in Patchogue…

If the THOUSADNS of AMERICANS killed by Illegal Aliens each year got this much attention it would be all we read !!!

Non-white Americans are being taught to hate Whites under the guise of tolerance.

I have no intentions of ever setting foot on LI again- and sadly, much of the rest of this country is fast turning into the same kind of slum- and just wait till the water-melon rinds and chicken bones start flying from the White House windows come January!

This violence is the tip of the iceberg and the only ones that will be to blame are the illegals and our weak ass backstabbing government.

This has led to much violence from both sides. The citizens are being preyed upon by the illegals and our officials look the other way.

I am tired of hearing about illegal aliens coming to the U.S. and trying to make a better life for themselves and their families back home. don't succumb to anti-immigration activists.

I think newsday's continued front page rehashing of this story is inciting a riot type of mentality.

The Newsday commissars constantly tell you that…Diversity and multiracialism is grand. Find the pamphlet "Who Rules America" on the web and take the info from there to expand your reawakening.

People are sick and tired of their neighborhoods being turned into third world countries…

take a look at the wall of shame.....ok, look at least 60% of the people on there are illegals. 28 of 117 (24%) Latino; zippo info on immigration status

Only a person with the last name Martinez, would write such BULL. Believe me if I could move out of this town today I WOULD!

The best thing that happened to this Newspaper and these sleazy pro-Illegal pro - Welfare groups, was this murder, they revel in it. It's a huge gift for them!

this hasn't stopped for over a week now and the more you are printing this everyday the more you are not letting anyone heel. it is making things worse in the schools and the community, on both sides!!!!!!

Why is it ok for them to break the law. Why is ok for them to take over towns and making them look like the third world country they are running from.

My problem is that ILLEGAL immigrants are bringing their oppressed 3rd world behavior into my country and think their ENTITLED for the red carpet treatment. They should be GRATEFUL!!! But their not.

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