Alex Gallego Fights for the Hispanic Cultural Center

Oyster Bay's Alex "El Torito" Gallego fought Brian "The Hyatt Hitman" Kramer in the ring at the Fifth Annual Long Island Fight for Charity on Nov. 19, at the Long Island Hilton in Melville.

The two men went punch for punch for three rounds to support local not-for-profit organizations.

"Being in the ring was a very overwhelming and exciting experience," said Alex Gallego.

"We had a lot of hometown people there and that made things special.

Most important was that we got publicity for the Hispanic Cultural Center (HCC) C.A.R.E. program and that funds were raised not only for them, but for all those wonderful charities," he said.



U.S. Latino Business Group to Presidential Candidates: Focus on Small Businesses

The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is concerned that the presidential candidates have thus far ignored the needs of the nation's small businesses. Today the Chamber issued a statement challenging the president wannabes to articulate constructive small business proposals.

To date, the candidates have focused more on issues that will hurt small business than on those that will grow small business. We hear more about tax hikes, limiting trade policies and the imposition of draconian immigration laws rather than plans and policies that will strengthen the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit.
A significant generator of jobs and wealth, the Chamber projects 2.7 million Latino businesses next year generating $388 billion and $465 billion by 2010.

L.I. Named Amongst Healthiest Places For Women

Long Island is being called one of the healthiest places in the country for women.

Women who were surveyed said they love Long Island's beaches, the abundance of seafood, the great schools for their kids and all the role model coaches leading the way on and off the field.

"There is so much to do here. You can go to the Hamptons and no matter the weather, you can go jog on Jones Beach," said [Long Island student Devon] Carroll.

These are just some of the reasons why Long Island now ranks as the second healthiest place for women, both mentally and physically, in the nation, ranking only after San Francisco in a study just released by Self Magazine.



Stay On Long Island

Long Island communities invest fortunes in educating young people.

Unfortunately, Long Island sees little return on these investments as most of its college graduates are forced to migrate to other states in search of jobs and affordable housing.

Seeking to stem Long Island's "Brain Drain" is a new Islip-based grassroots group called Stay On Long Island. The group seeks government action to spur the development of both better paying jobs and lower-cost housing.

Suffolk County Legislator Ricardo Montano introduces the group at the Suffolk County Legislature at 11:30 a.m. tomorrow, November 27th. The group also holds its first public meeting at 7:30 p.m., Thursday, November 29th, at The Suffolk Coummity College's Brentwood Campus.

Call Natalie at 631-943-9868 for more information.

Immigrants: Huge Boon to New York

A new report shows that immigrants are a huge boon to the New York economy. How big?

The study found that immigrants were responsible for $229 billion of New York's economy last year — more than the individual gross domestic product of 30 states.

Now that's big!

The report was sponsored by L.I.'s Horace Hagedorn Foundation and The New York Community Trust.


Immigrants Pull Weight in Economy, Study Finds

Immigrants Are Seen as a Boon: A New Report Sees Big Impact


765,000 Adult Latino Internet Users on Long Island?

A new Harris Interactive Poll of 2,062 adults has found that 79% of U.S. adults, or 178 million, are now internet users--a 10% jump from a year ago.

Also included is the percentage of adult internet users which are Latino: 13%.

Translation: An estimated 23,140,000 U.S. Latino adults are now internet users. (BTW: 23MM is 53% of the estimated 44MM U.S. Latino pop.)

Assuming similar percentages as is the case nationally, Long Island has an estimated 765,000 Latino adult internet users.

Interesting, no?


Four in Five of All U.S. Adults – An Estimated 178 million – Go Online
Half of New York's Latinos Live on Long Island


Community Alliance Endorses 4 Latinos in Nassau County Contests

County, town and village elections in Suffolk and Nassau counties take place next Tuesday, November 6, 2007. The Community Alliance has issued their Nassau County endorsements. Among the endorsed candidates are these four Latinos:

Challenger Omar Jorge in the 6th Legislative District
Incumbent David L. Mejias in the 4th Legislative District
Incumbent Mark A. Bonilla for Town of Hempstead Clerk
Incumbent Maria Christina Poons for the Town of North Hempstead's 4th District

Additionally, Darrol Lopez, son of former major leaguer Hector Lopez, is the challenger in the 2nd Legislative District.

Congratulations to all and good luck!
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