Action Center for Justice for Marcelo Lucero

Action Center for Justice for Marcelo Lucero seeks an end the scapegoating of immigrants by the Suffolk Legislature and County Executive Steve Levy and the enactment of meaningful measures to bring the county's 200,000 immigrants into full inclusion in Suffolk's life.

Created by Patrick Young, it's an information and mobilization center on the LIWins website for channelling the public's outrage over the hate killing of Marcelo Lucero into actions for change.

In its Legislative Action are these items:

Rally and Speak Out for Justice for Marcelo Lucero at the Suffolk Legislature on Tuesday Dec. 2 at 8:30AM

Ask County Executive Steve Levy and Suffolk County legislators to:
1. End the cynical rhetoric demonizing immigrants;
2. Stop introducing legislation that results in profiling immigrants;
3. Create a 5-year plan to integrate immigrants in Suffolk County.

Other site offerings include:
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Hempstead's Barack Obama Elementary School

On Thursday night, the Hempstead School District in Long Island voted to rename Ludlum Elementary School, Barack Obama Elementary School. The school is diverse with a large Latino and African American student body and the students and staff requested the name change to honor this diversity and the election of the first African American president. Before the election, the students had mock debates and a mock election.

The board and staff of this under-performing school district must now ensure a quality education for all of its children. That's the only honest way to honor its mission and the name of President-elect Obama.

Seven National Civil Rights Groups Denounce the Hate Murder of Marcelo Lucero

Seven of the nation's leading civil rights organizations gathered today in Washington, DC to collectively condemn the hate killing of Marcelo Lucero, and to denounce the recent wave of brutal hate crimes against communities of color.

The groups include: the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the Asian American Justice Center (AAJC), the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the National Urban League,the NAACP and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF). The groups attribute a spike in hate crimes to the “climate of hate” created by nativist politicians, radio "shock jocks" and anti-immigrant groups.

Click here for their joint statement and here for the video of the press conference.


L.I. Nativists On Display (in more ways than one)

Long Island nativists protest not the killing of Marcelo Lucero, but a newspaper's coverage of that hateful act.

Twisted, right?

To them it's unAmerican for the newspaper -- Newsday -- to give more than cursory coverage to an act which repulsed all decent Americans and whose fallout will be felt for some time to come.

But what Newsday's coverage -- and the angry protestations it's provoked from racists and nativists -- reveals a bit of Long Island's dark side: a legacy of racism with its tribal impulse to scapegoat the weak and powerless.

Shamelessly, these nativists wrap themselves in the American flag -- as so many hatemongers before them have done. If only today's protesters really cared about the protections and safeguards written into the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Bill of Rights. If only they could just once put down their pitchforks.

But it's clear from their tantrums, anonymously comments and threats, haters love to hate but they prefer to do it clandestinely. Of course, in the light of day they're "patriots".

The following are just some of the ill-informed, hateful and distorted views posted on Newsday.com by those angered by the newspaper's excellent reporting on the Marcelo Lucero hate killing:

It's ok that when whites kill a minority, newsday gives the victim 3 pages a day, but 25 Americans a day are killed at the hands of illegal aliens in this country due to drunk driving, murder and job accidents but that never gets mentioned.

Buy the way..you can't walk the streets here during the DAY or NIGHT, due to the fact that there are PACKS of hispanics walking the streets here in Patchogue…

If the THOUSADNS of AMERICANS killed by Illegal Aliens each year got this much attention it would be all we read !!!

Non-white Americans are being taught to hate Whites under the guise of tolerance.

I have no intentions of ever setting foot on LI again- and sadly, much of the rest of this country is fast turning into the same kind of slum- and just wait till the water-melon rinds and chicken bones start flying from the White House windows come January!

This violence is the tip of the iceberg and the only ones that will be to blame are the illegals and our weak ass backstabbing government.

This has led to much violence from both sides. The citizens are being preyed upon by the illegals and our officials look the other way.

I am tired of hearing about illegal aliens coming to the U.S. and trying to make a better life for themselves and their families back home. don't succumb to anti-immigration activists.

I think newsday's continued front page rehashing of this story is inciting a riot type of mentality.

The Newsday commissars constantly tell you that…Diversity and multiracialism is grand. Find the pamphlet "Who Rules America" on the web and take the info from there to expand your reawakening.

People are sick and tired of their neighborhoods being turned into third world countries…

take a look at the wall of shame.....ok, look at least 60% of the people on there are illegals. 28 of 117 (24%) Latino; zippo info on immigration status

Only a person with the last name Martinez, would write such BULL. Believe me if I could move out of this town today I WOULD!

The best thing that happened to this Newspaper and these sleazy pro-Illegal pro - Welfare groups, was this murder, they revel in it. It's a huge gift for them!

this hasn't stopped for over a week now and the more you are printing this everyday the more you are not letting anyone heel. it is making things worse in the schools and the community, on both sides!!!!!!

Why is it ok for them to break the law. Why is ok for them to take over towns and making them look like the third world country they are running from.

My problem is that ILLEGAL immigrants are bringing their oppressed 3rd world behavior into my country and think their ENTITLED for the red carpet treatment. They should be GRATEFUL!!! But their not.


The Retrieval and Funeral of Marcelo Lucero

Video-Journalist Ana P. Gutierrez captures the Lucero and Gualaceo's deep sorrow of the retrieval and funeral of the martyred Marcelo.

The arrival of the body of Marcelo Lucero in Ecuador.

Marcelo's funeral in his hometown of Gualaceo.

Aljazeera on the Murder of Marcelo Lucero


The Hispanic Coalition of LI Responds to the Hate Killing of Marcelo Lucero

The following is a translation of The Hispanic Coalition of Long Island's opinion piece (Coalición responde a muerte de Lucero) published in today's El Diario.
En Español
It is with deep sorrow and renewed determination that The Hispanic Coalition of Long Island responds to the recent brutal and racially motivated murder of an innocent man, the Ecuadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero.

The act is still more horrendous when we consider that it was perpetrated by children…a group of adolescents…that, for complex reasons, felt that hunting people who looked "Mexican" was viable option. In a society we believe to be civilized, where is that the children learn that hatred, racism, and violence are options? How sad that an innocent life has been taken without cause, that so many lives have been permanently damaged, and that in the process, the youths have done great harm to themselves, their families, and their community.

Above all, our coalition desires to extend our sincere condolences to the Lucero family and to offer our support and services to them in their hour of need. We also give thanks to all of the leaders that have fought for justice over the years, advocating for the many voiceless immigrants.

We give thanks to community leaders and elected officials that have responded to this tragedy by attempting to build bridges of understanding and acceptance, instead of settling for mere tolerance, and community for all, instead of the exclusion and marginalization of some.

The Hispanic Coalition of Long Island represents the majority of the professional human services that are provided to the fast-growing Hispanic populations of Nassau and Suffolk counties. Our mission is to promote the advancement of the Hispanic community, with a focus on economic betterment, political empowerment, and strengthened public commitment towards improving the quality of life for all of Long Island's families and children.

Suffolk County needs a new, realistic and humane direction. It needs a new approach that recognizes the changes that have taken place, and that provides a compassionate and just solution to the challenges of a diverse society. History has taught us that change cannot be prevented. It teaches us as well that social and economic marginalization, and the exploitation of a group of people, always ends in violence.

Our coalition is opposed to any legislation and policies that marginalize immigrants and promote the abuse of immigrants and their children (our new citizens). We oppose any politician who lacks compassion and who fails to support policies that seek to promote understanding and equality.

Additionally, it is the belief of the members of the coalition that racism is based on ignorance and fear, which children are taught at home – subtly or not so subtly. Parents and other adults need to be educated on diversity and the complex reality of today's world. We recommend that schools work to educate parents on multicultural communications, diversity and acceptance, so that they, in turn, will be better prepared to provide their children with a timely perspective, guidance, and solutions to the challenges caused by differences and societal changes.

María Elisa Cuadra, President, Hispanic Coalition of Long Island and Executive Director, COPAY Inc. Great Neck.
Gil Bernardino, Executive Director, Círculo de la Hispanidad, Long Beach and Hempstead.
Pascual Blanco, Executive Director, La Fuerza Unidad, Glen Cove.
José Calderón, Vice President, The Hispanic Federation New York, NY and Washington, DC.
Miriam García, Executive Director, Adelante of Suffolk County, Brentwood.
Margarita Grasing, Executive Director, Hispanic Brotherhood, Rockville Centre.
Nadia Marín-Molina, Executive Director, Workplace Project, Hempstead.
Gladys Serrano, Executive Director, Hispanic Counseling, Bayshore and Hempstead.
George Siberon, Executive Director, Hempstead Hispanic Civic Association.


Immigrant Advocates to Suffolk County Legislature: Change Your Tone

As the nation -- and, indeed, the world -- has begun to understand, immigrants in Suffolk County have been targets of an ugly nativist war. A multi-front war that's included:

-a firebombing
-escalating threats and assaults
-racial profiling
-a flurry of anti-immigrant codes
-forced separations
-attempted murder
-and most recently, the slaying of Marcelo Lucero for being Latino.
In their continued fight on behalf of immigrants, civil and human rights advocates went to the Suffolk County Legislature's 1st public session post the killing. Their demands were for Suffolk to cease its politics of scapegoating Latino immigrants, and instead, take a stand against hate.

While too soon to gauge the impact of recent developments (including the Marcelo killing, discovery of a rash of other bias crimes, a Steve Levy apology of sorts, and global condemnation), the stoic expressions of the nativist pandering caucus was not reassuring.

Hope I'm wrong. After all, nativism is a political loser when exposed to the full light of day.

Nonetheless, the courageous band of advocates stood tall as they continued a tradition of speaking truth to power. As they have so often these last few very troubling years, they spoke eloquently and passionately on behalf of the Suffolk's hardworking, yet much maligned, immigrant workers.

- Patrick Young of the Central American Resource Center raked the county administration for its ludicrous propaganda that bias crimes against Latinos are down 93% in the past four years.

- Catherine Carballerri and Sonia Palacio-Grottola, of the National Association of Puerto Rican & Hispanic Social Workers, also questioned Suffolk's bias crime data when their profession sees a spike. They also warned about the trauma immigrant children are suffering.

- Lisa Tarrant Votino of Long Island Wins offered to partner with the legislature in formulating a more constructive approach to immigrants. She also charged that there's a difference between debating immigration policy and dehumanizing a whole people.

- Michael O'Neil of the East Hampton Anti-Bias Task Force admonished the legislature for ignoring the pleas, recommendations and warnings of Latino and immigrant leaders. He recommended that the County engage the leaders of Latino and immigrant residents when formulating proposals affecting their communities.

- Dr. Luis Valenzuela of the LI Immigrant Alliance called on the Legislature to stop its unwise intrusion into immigration policy, and instead, support the passage of national comprehensive immigration reform. He said that Suffolk could and should become a national model for suburban diversity and civility.

- Charlotte Koons and Andrea Callan, of the Suffolk chapter of the New York Civil Liberties Union, challenged Suffolk to 'legislate and educate the hate away.'

Related: Pleas to heal community directed at Suffolk legislators
Latino community asks legislature to listen. Just listen!

Top photo: (L-R) Lisa Tarrant Votino, Andrea Callan, Charlotte Koons, Dr. Luis Valenzuela, Michael O'Neil
Bottom photo: Patrick Young speaking to a reporter

LIIA to Steve Levy: Change Suffolk's Immigrant Policies

“My brother left a message, a legacy in this country, one of unity and appreciation.” – Joselo Lucero, brother of slain Ecuadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero.

Statement of Luis Valenzuela, Executive Director, Long Island Immigrant Alliance:

The senseless murder of Marcelo Lucero, a good and decent man who lived in Suffolk County for sixteen years, has brought the Suffolk community together to grieve and demand an end to hate.

When Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy delivers an address on race and tolerance on Tuesday, he has an opportunity to distance himself from the divisive rhetoric and policies he and other Suffolk politicians promoted in the past.

Out of this tragedy, there is a chance for Mr. Levy to lead Suffolk toward more practical policies that reduce tensions and build a stronger community.

To start with, it’s time to stop the divisive legislation and instead Mr. Levy and the legislature must seize the opportunity to act on serious proposals that can improve the situation here in Suffolk.

This horrendous crime and other recent attacks on immigrants make it clear that Suffolk police need to formally adopt a confidentiality policy to reassure crime victims and witnesses that they can reach out to Suffolk police without fear of deportation.

Marcelo Lucero need not have died in vain. We can honor his life by ensuring that his legacy is in forging unity and finding solutions.

The Long Island Immigrant Alliance stands ready to work with Mr. Levy and the county legislature on more inclusive policies that promote the well-being of all Suffolk residents.


Rosario Lucero and Gualaceo Mourn

Speaking from her home in Gualaceo, Ecuador, Rosario Lucero -- the grieving mother of the Long Island hate murder victim Marcelo Lucero -- spoke to video-journalist Ana P. Gutierrez.

Ms. Gutierrez captures the dignity, faith and sorrow of the people of Gualaceo in mourning.


Vigil for Marcello Lucero -- A LI Latino Awakening?

I joined 1,000 or so of my fellow Longer Islanders at last night's outdoor vigil in in Patchogue for Marcello Lucero.

It was a diverse crowd, young and old, Latino and nonLatino. They came from the Latino precincts of the Patchogue area, as well as from communities across the length of Long Island, including Astoria, Jackson Heights, Sunset Park, Corona, Elmont, Hempstead, Long Beach, Glen Cove, Freeport, Amityville, Huntington, Brentwood, Central Islip, Southampton, Montauk. Some travelled from New Jersey and points further west.

The crowd though was comprised mostly of Latino immigrants -- most I suspect from Ecuador.

The vigil was held at the very site of Marcello's murder, on a street along side the Patchogue commuter rail station. It's the back and poorly lit side of the rail station, so one can easily see why the thugs would chose to do their evil work there.

Under a steady drizzle one mourner said were 'tears from heaven', the vigil included prayers, chants, speeches and songs offered in Spanish, English and sometimes in both. Many in the audience held flickering candles. Many held home-made signs protesting Marcello's murder or demanding an end to hate. A lit shrine with a large photo of Marcello, religious artifacts, messages and flowers drew a wall of bereaved a hundred deep.

Especially touching was that a two other vigils were held simultaneously last night: One in Marcello's hometown in Ecuador and another in Nanuet, New York. The proceedings in Patchogue were heard by Marcello's mother via cellphone.

People speaking from the podium included a number of politicians:

- State Senator Malcolm Smith of Queens who promised to use the full weight of the state to protect New York's immigrant communities.

- Patchogue Mayor Paul Pontieri who spoke about his family's own immigrant origins in a small town in Italy and how the death of Marcello has wounded the community he loves and has lived in all of his life.

- Assemblyman Phil Ramos condemned the murder of Marcello and the pattern of anti-Latino immigrant violence that has been a shameful part of Suffolk life. He spoke about his experience as a former Suffolk police officer in which he responded to several horrific acts of racist violence against Latino Immigrants.

There were labor leaders who rallied the crowd with chants of 'Justicia', 'Yes, We Can!' and 'Un Pueblo Unido No Puede Ser Vencido!'.

A number of Latin American nations sent their representatives, including Ecuador's Ambassador to the United Nations, embassy officials from Venezuela, El Salvador and others.

There were religious leaders including the Imam of Long Island's Muslim community who offered prayers and solidarity.

Marcello's younger brother spoke again about the need to stop the violence against immigrants who he described as good people, hardworking people.

Latino and immigrant leaders addressed the mourners, including Dr. Luis Valenzuela who called for Suffolk County politicians to stop bashing immigrants. Another noted that Lucero means 'bright star' in Spanish and that Marcello was shining a light towards a better place from his perch in heaven.

Finally, one very animated speaker--whose name and role I didn't get--opened his comments with 'good morning' even though it was night. It wasn't a mistake. His point was that Long Island's Latino community has been asleep for too long, reluctant to stand up for itself. But that last night's large turn out was a sign to him that the community has awakened.

Video: Newsday
Photos: Gerry Vazquez


Patchogue Press Conference & Rally Against Hate - Video & Photos 11/12/08

1) Joselo spoke lovingly about his older brother Marcello whom he described as a peaceful and hard working person.

He also confided that he had been feeling very lonely as a result of his loss, but that the expressions of support gave him comfort.

What was also touching was watching Joselo receive that comfort from his fellow Latino immigrants. While Joselo waited in the back of the crowd for his turn to talk, quietly, one-by-one, women and men approached Joselo to offer condolences, a hug or a hug. It was very moving.

2) Speaking as a fellow Latino immigrant (Dominicana), former educator, parent and Suffolk County Deputy Presiding Officer, Vivian Viloria-Fisher expressed -- in Spanish and English -- her condolences to Joselo and the Lucero family.

She also called for united across racial, ethnic and class divides because 'we're one Suffolk'.

3)Nassau County Legislator David Mejias expressed his condolences and those of his Ecuatorian immigrant mother to the Lucero family.

Mejias also relayed how he became angry when he first heard of the slaying, but remembered the faith taught to him by his mother to hate the sin but love the sinner.

Mejias sought to model his faith by embracing Jack Eddington -- the county legislator for Patchogue and a supporter of anti-immigrant legislation.

4) Dr. Luis Valenzuela, executive director of the LI Immigrant Alliance, also expressed his condolences in Spanish and English to the Lucero family.

But unlike the other speakers, Dr. Valenzuela went further than merely calling for unity which may not happen if key leaders don't change their ways. He connected the hate killing of Mr. Lucero directly to the poisonous atmosphere promoted over the last few years by nativist-pandering legislators and County Executive Steve Levy -- and he demanded change.

Specifically, Dr. Valenzuela demanded that the legislator representing Patchogue--Eddington--never again promote anti-immigrant policies.

5) Joselo also spoke about the need to teach young right from wrong.

Unfortunately, for some it's always just about politics. Inter cut in this video is local schools superintendent Michael Mostow boasting that in four years he's only had one racial incident. This is also the fellow who spent his time at the mic shamelessly lobbying for more state funding.

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Hudson Valley Latinos: Franky Perez

The Poughkeepsie Journal's series, What life is like for valley Hispanics, gives its Hudson Valley readers a glimpse into the region's expanding Latino community.

This week they feature a piece on Franky Perez, 40, a guidance counselor in the local high school whose of Dominican heritage.

Very nice.
Poughkeepsie High School guidance counselor Franky Perez was born in Brooklyn to parents who had emigrated from the Dominican Republic and never spoke English at home while he was growing up.

Perez, 40, is the youngest of nine children - the only one not born in the Dominican Republic - and is married to a woman of Irish descent. Like two of his siblings, he attended college. However, he is the only one in his family to receive a master's degree. Actually, he has two of them.

Perez, of New Paltz, maintains strong connections to his heritage.

"Knowing that my parents were immigrants, knowing that they came here for a better life, it helped in shaping me," he said. "I needed to do the best I could in school and make sure I was getting ready for my life in America, understanding what my parents had come from."

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Latinos' local presence expanding

Candlelight Vigil in Memory of Marcello Lucero - Nov. 14th @ 7PM

Candlelight Vigil in Memory of Marcello Lucero

No more hate, no more violence, we are all community

Date: November 14th, 7pm

Place: Railroad Ave and Sephton Street , Patchogue , NY

A candlelight vigil will be held to speak out against hate crimes against immigrants in Suffolk County , in particular, the murder of Marcello Lucero, an immigrant from Ecuador. The perpetrators clearly stated according to news accounts that they were planning to "find some Mexicans." This vicious hate crime is only the latest in a long series of crimes targeting Latinos in Suffolk County.

The event is being called together and organized by many community members in Patchogue, NY. It will begin with a religious ceremony and words from the family of the deceased. In addition, community organizations such as the Workplace Project, the Long Island Immigrant Alliance, Carecen, Jobs with Justice, LICPP, SEIU, Ola of Southampton, Long Island Wins, and STRONG will be participating. Additional speakers will include: the Consulate of Ecuador, the Mayor of Patchogue, and Rev. Allan Ramirez.

Please join us in standing together with the family, friends and the entire community in expressing outrage not only at the murder of Marcello Lucero, but also against the intolerance that breeds hate crimes in Suffolk County. Please bring a candle and a flower, if you can.


Nadia Marin-Molina/Carlos Canales
Workplace Project 516-565-5377 or 516-984-5755

Luis Valenzuela, LI Immigrant Alliance
631-789-0720 or 631 603-4266


Headlines: The Murder of Marcello Lucero in Suffolk County - 11/9-11/11/08

The murder of Marcello Lucero, a 37 year old Latino immigrant from Ecuator, by a marauding gang of suburban toughs in Patchogue, Suffolk County, shocked Long Islanders as well as decent Americans everywhere.

The following are headlines from November 9-11:

November 11, 2008

Levy on immigrant killing: Just a one-day story!!! - Newsday SpinCycle 11/11/08

Long Island 'lynch mob' killed our American Dream - Daily News 11/11/08

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November 9, 2008

Slaying of NY immigrant was a hate crime - The Herald - Rock Hill, SC 11/9/08

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LI Hispanic Bar Association: Unite Against Hate in Suffolk County

The Long Island Hispanic Bar Association issued issued the following statement in response to the murder of Marcelo Lucero:

The Long Island Hispanic Bar Association (LIHBA) expresses it deepest sympathy to the family of Marcello Lucero. The vicious and reprehensible attack on Mr. Lucero, simply because he was Hispanic, should outrage everyone.

Sadly, over the past few years, the tenor across Suffolk County as it relates to race, in particular Hispanics, has been very troubling. There have been many inflammatory and derogatory comments made on both sides with no progress to show for it. While we were all hopeful that the election of the New President of United States heralded in a new era in race relations, passion and prejudice still runs deep. It is now time to put an end to this ugly period in Suffolk County’s history and come together as one community. Together, let’s stand as Long Islanders and say "Enough."

Long Island Hispanic Bar Association
P.O. Box 8003
Miller Place, New York 11764
(631) 741-8505


ACJ-LJC Press Conference & Community Rally in Patchogue Against Hate


Nov. 12 at 9:00 a.m.


9:00 a.m
Wednesday, November 12

American Legion Hall, 215 South Ocean Ave, Patchogue , NY

* Alon Kapen, President, AJC-LI
* Renee Ortiz, Co-Chair of LJC
* Michael Balboni, (Gov. David Paterson’s Office) NY Dep Sec Public Safety
* Gaylen Kirkland, Commissioner, New York State Division of Human Rights
* Hon. Vivian Viloria-Fisher, Suffolk County Legislator
* Hon. Jack Eddington, Suffolk County Legislator
* Hon. Paul Pontieri, Mayor, Village of Patchogue
* Luis Valenzuela, Executive Director, Long Island Immigrant Alliance
* Reverend Dwight Wolter, Pastor, The Congregational Church of Patchogue
* Rabbi Steven Moss, Chairperson of the Suffolk County Human Rights Commission
* Hon. Howard Weitzman, Nassau County Comptroller
* Hon. David Mejias, Nassau County Legislator

Contact: Melissa Sostrin (w)516.942.2651 (c)516.983.8972


Washington, DC—Calling it “an outrageous and horrifying crime,” Janet Murguía, President and CEO of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States, condemned the fatal beating of a Long Island man on Saturday night. Marcello Lucero, a 37-year-old man from Patchogue, Long Island, was the apparent victim of a hate crime by seven teenagers who were arraigned today for his murder. According to Newsday, Suffolk County police say that the defendants “simply wanted to beat up someone who looked Hispanic.”

Words have consequences. And hateful words have hateful consequences...Lives are literally in the balance. Janet Murguia
“While we are grateful that the authorities have taken swift action,” Murguía said, “it is important for all Americans to understand that this is part of an alarming trend taking place nationwide.” FBI hate crime statistics show that attacks against Latinos have been on the rise over the past four years. Similarly, the Southern Poverty Law Center has reported that the number of hate groups targeting Latinos and immigrants has also increased over the same period.

Murguía was particularly upset over the age of the alleged attackers. “That hate has trickled down to a new generation is very disturbing,” she said. Murguía blamed the growing climate of hate surrounding the immigration debate as part of the cause. “Words have consequences," she said. “And hateful words have hateful consequences. For too long hate groups and hate speech have dominated the national debate on immigrants, mischaracterizing all Latinos and the institutions that serve them in the process. Lives are literally in the balance.”

Over the past year, NCLR has vigorously sought to expose the growing presence of hate groups and hate speech in the immigration debate, and their relationship to the rise in hate crimes. Early this year, the organization launched WeCanStopTheHate as part of its campaign to counter this alarming trend.

Murguía said that she and NCLR extend their condolences to Mr. Lucero’s family and community, and they call on all Americans to stand up to the presence of hate groups and extremists on the airwaves and in our communities.

Patchogue Community Vigil Against Hate - 11/14 @ 7PM










Gov. David Paterson Condemns Murder of Latino Immigrant in Suffolk County

“Today, I ask New Yorkers to join me in mourning the death of Marcello Lucero, a Hispanic man of Ecuadorian descent who was the fatal victim of a vicious hate crime over the weekend in Suffolk County. This disgraceful act should serve as a source of outrage for all of us.

“Suffolk Police tell us that Mr. Lucero and a friend were attacked late Saturday night by seven teenagers who were driving around looking for a Hispanic to beat up. The companion walking with Mr. Lucero escaped, but Mr. Lucero was stabbed to death. This senseless and cowardly attack by these teenagers cannot stand. I am directing State law enforcement agencies to assist Suffolk County officials in any way possible to ensure swift and certain justice for this heinous crime. Our State has zero tolerance for such bigotry and I urge authorities to move quickly to prosecute the perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law.

“Today, I ask that you offer your prayers to Mr. Lucero's family. I would like to extend my deepest condolences as they come to the terms with the enormous pain of this loss. Mr. Lucero's death is a jarring reminder that we must remain vigilant and continue our fight to eradicate prejudice in our words and in our actions.”

LI Immigrant Alliance: The Hate Killing of Marcelo Lucero in Suffolk County

While our reaction to this latest hate crime on Long Island is shock almost to the point of feeling numb, we can only imagine the agony that the Lucero family is going through.

We extend our deepest condolences to his family. And we call upon the whole community to come together, not only to express condemnation and extend sympathy to the Luceros, but just as importantly, to critically reflect on why these teenagers thought they had license to viciously attack another human being.

We call on all the entire Long Island community to pledge to take action to prevent such a horrible tragedy from ever happening again.

It is difficult to comprehend why such hatred exists, but it cannot escape our notice that this is only the latest hate crime in Suffolk County. For too long, anti-immigrant and anti-Latino sentiment has been tolerated in Suffolk County, as reflected in the introduction of anti-immigrant bill after anti-immigrant bill in the county legislature.

We call upon all Long Islanders to recognize the humanity of all our neighbors, and to embrace practical solutions that uphold our nation’s values and move us forward together.

Luis Valenzuela, Executive Director, Long Island Immigrant Alliance

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) Long Island Condemns Hate-Inspired Murder, Calls for Community Action

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) Long Island Chapter is outraged by the brutal murder of Marcello Lucero. According to police sources, Lucero and a friend were attacked over the weekend by a group which was looking for a Hispanic to beat up.

“We extend our deepest sympathies to the families of the victims, and our concern to our brothers and sisters in the Hispanic community, for whom this vicious crime must be especially painful,” said Caroline Levy, director of AJC’s Long Island Chapter. She praised law enforcement for the swift arrests of suspects in the crime.

AJC will sponsor a community rally on Wednesday in Patchogue, at which community and regional leaders including Michael Balboni, Galen Kirkland, Howard Weitzman and Vivian Viloria-Fisher will speak. The rally will take place at 9 AM at the American Legion Hall, 215 S. Ocean Avenue.

"AJC calls on Long Islanders to stand together at this time of tragedy and raise their voices against the hateful words and climate that contributed to Lucero’s senseless murder," said Levy. "We cannot simply go on with our normal lives as long as anyone among us can be singled out for attack based simply because of who we are.

AJC Long Island, a regional leader in advancing intergroup relations, sponsors the Latino-Jewish Coalition of Long Island.

Caroline Levy
Executive Director
375 North Broadway
Jericho, NY 11753
Tel: 516.942.2651
Fax: 516.942.4759

The Patchogue Murderers

This disgraceful act should serve as a source of outrage for all of us.
Gov. David Patterson

Jeffrey Conroy, front, is led out of Suffolk County's 5th Precinct in Patchogue with six others charged in the bias gang killing of Marcelo Lucero.

After the gang pummelled their victim in their nighttime hunt to "jump beaners", it's believed Conroy fatally stabbed Lucero in the chest.

Fresh from reaching out to Latinos attending the Somos el Futuro Conference in Puerto Rico, Governor David A. Paterson issued this statement denouncing the murder: "This disgraceful act should serve as a source of outrage for all of us." He also pledged to assist Suffolk County "in any way possible to ensure swift and certain justice for this heinous crime."

Take a close look at these photographs. This is what anti-Latino immigrant hate looks in America of today. What's really unfortunate is that the adults that have encouraged these young men to ruin their lives through hate and violence will pay no price.


Top photo: Suffolk County, NY Killers of Marcelo Lucero
Bottom photo: Three of the Shenandoah, PA killers of Luis Eduardo Martinez

Latino Immigrant Marcello Lucero Murdered by Gang of Thugs in Suffolk County

Latino immigrant Marcello Lucero, 37, was murdered in what Suffolk Police are calling a hate crime. He was beaten and stabbed in Patchogue Saturday night by a gang of seven thugs from the East Patchogue/Medford section of South County. All seven were arrested and face a charge of first-degree gang assault.

The Lucero killing follows an eerily similar incident this past July in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania. Another gang of young thugs murdered Luis Eduardo Martinez for the crime of being an Latino immigrant. Both incidents were preceded by a growing bias incidents spurred, in part, by the irresponsible rhetoric and actions of local politicians, hate radio and national nativist agitators.

To his credit Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy immediately issued this statement: "This heinous crime that led to the death of an individual because of his race will not be tolerated in Suffolk County,"

However, what's needed for Levy, Suffolk legislators, town leaders, clergy , educators, business leaders and parents to stand united in condemning the Lucero murder. Additionally, politicians must stop contributing to a hostile environment with irresponsible rhetoric and scapegoating measures.

Link: Cops: Fatal stabbing of Patchogue man a hate crime

Photo: Marcello Lucero


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Obama supporters

1) Roosevelt - 97%

2) Wyandanch - 92%

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7) Freeport - 77%

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