New Study by Adelphi University's Dr. Mariano Torras: Immigrants Contribute $Billions to LI Economy

Immigrants are major contributors to Long Island's economy.

That is the major finding of Strengthening Long Island: The Economic Contributions of Immigrants to Nassau and Suffolk Counties, a new report by Mariano Torras, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics at Adelphi University and Fellow at the Institute for Latino Studies at the University of Notre Dame.

Unveiled Monday, the report follows the release in 2007 of The Economic Impact of The Hispanic Population on Long Island, NY. Both reports were funded by The Hagedorn Foundation in Port Washington.

Here are some press reactions:

Study: Immigrant economic impact $10.6 billion on LI
Long Island Business News

A study released Monday by Adelphi University shows that Long Island immigrants contributed $10.6 billion to the Long Island economy in 2006 and generated about 82,000 jobs as a result of their consumer spending. The study added that Long Island would have lost rather than gained population since 1980 without the immigrant population.

Long Islanders take opposing views on immigrants

"We lost a labor pool but gained a new wealthier population that demands services, and the Latinos jumped in and filled the gap," said Kappel, a real estate broker and the former mayor of Greenport. "It's been very beneficial."

Adelphi Study Says Immigrants No Drain on Long Island Economy
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The breakdown of financial contribution by culture was $3,249.00 by Asian immigrants, $4,029.00 by non-Hispanic white immigrants, $842.00 by Hispanic immigrants and $789.00 by black immigrants.
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