Break the Silence of the Candidates on Immigration

Given the domestic war against immigrant workers -- a war that's devastating families, communities as well as the nation's economy -- candidates for president owe voters a serious discussion of their proposals to fix our broken immigration system.

Unfortunately, the candidates' silence on immigration is deafening.

Demanding a discussion of the issue at tonight's debate at Hofstra University, dozens of immigration advocacy groups (including ACORN, New York Immigration Coalition, Long Island Immigrant Alliance, Workplace Project and the Central American Refugee Center) are gathering at the debate site to press their cause.

Also challenging the candidates to speak up are the editors of EL Diario-La Prensa (Silence of the candidates.) and DailyNews Columnist Juan Gonzlez (Bob, keep'em honest at debate).

Immigration is as important a local, national, regional and global issue as any other -- and Americans (and the world) should know how the next leader of the free world chooses to address it's complexities, challenges and opportunities.

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