Endorsement: Graham Long for Congress (NY-3)

Long Island's middle class families have been devastated by the misguided policies of George W. Bush of the last eight years. Long Islanders of all stripes are demanding fundamental change in Washington in this election cycle.

And it's why after 31 years in elective office Congressman Peter T. King should be retired.

In Washington 14 terms, Peter King has been an eager foot-soldier for George W. Bush's failed presidency.

A bitterly partisan politician, Peter King relishes his role as a Bush bitbull on immigration, the economy, the environment, energy and the Iraq War.

On issues of major importance, Peter King has sided with George W. Bush and against Long Island families. On immigration, the economy, the Iraq War, the environment -- King offers more of the same.

Long Island and the people of 3rd Congressional District deserve a representative that is independent and unaligned with retrograde political and economic interests.

Long Island's future rests on engaging bright, optimistic new leaders with new ideas, unencumbered by the failed policies of the past. Graham Long is such a person.

Graham Long seeks to work with the new Congress and the new administration on behalf of the people of the 3rd Congressional District to: enact tax cuts for middle class families, fix the broken immigration system, promote smarter energy policies, and create millions of U.S. green jobs. And he will work to end the Iraq War, while promoting more effective policies in the fight against terrorism.

Latino Long Island asks the voters of NY's 3rd Congressional District to send Graham Long to Washington as their representative.

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