The 43rd Annual LI Puerto Rican/Hispanic Day Parade - 6.7.09

KJ, 5, enjoys the sights and sounds of the 43rd Annual Puerto Rican/Hispanic Day Parade (June 7) in Brentwood. The young Boricua proudly sports the traditional guayabera and pava while waving the red, white and blue flag of the Puerto Rican nation.

Thousands of islanders of Puerto Rican heritage, Latinos of all nationalities (Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Dominican Republic, et al), and many nonLatinos as well, came out to what is Long Island's most festive Spring ethnic fiesta.

Below are wonderful photos of the parade by Newsday's Ana Gutierrez. Click on the photos for a large view and click here for the full series.

Click here a Ana's video of the parade.

Link: Thousands watch LI's Puerto Rican/Hispanic Day parade by Laura Rivera (Newsday)

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