Latino Thugs Attack Daryl Jackson in Roosevelt: Equal Opportunity Hate on LI?

A gang of Latino thugs attacked an African American in Roosevelt in what appears to have been a hate crime. Four men were arrested, including an off-duty NYC police officer-- and a fifth suspect is being sought. All five could be charged under the state's hate crimes law.
"There's no question that a violent crime has taken place and there's no question that racial epithets were used in the attack. It's a heinous crime and people will pay for it." NC Executive Thomas Suozzi
Q: Have racist thugs from every group been given license?

Latinos are attacked and Marcelo Lucero is murdered in Suffolk by white 'Beaner Jumpers". Black thugs join in by killing Jose Sucuzhanay in Bushwick. Yesterday, a gang of Latino thugs attacked Daryl Jackson.

Violence begets violence. Hate begets hate.

Suozzi is absolutely right! The cost to the guilty in this--and other hate crime cases across LI--must be high.

Cops: 4 Latinos arrested in racial attack on black man
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