Carmen Piñeyro & Livio 'Tony' Rosario Win

Voters in the Village of Freeport took change to heart and swept all four members of The Change Freeport Party into office. In so doing, Freeport elected its first African American mayor, Andrew Hardwick, and its first Dominican heritage trustee, Carmen Piñeyro.

The two other winning members are Trustee-elect Robert Kennedy and Justice-elect Stephen Drummond.

Up the road in the Village of Hempstead, incumbent Wayne Hall, running for reelection under the Democratic and Working Families Party lines, defeated his two rivals, including James Garner, the Republican he bested four years earlier. Voters also approved of Hall's team members, candidates for open trustee positions, incumbent deputy mayor Henry Conyers and newcomer Livio Tony Rosario.

Incumbent Theodore Gutierrez was uncontested in his re-election bid for Trustee in the Village of Cove Neck.

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