Stony Brook Study: Prescription Drugs and Long Islanders

According to a newly released poll by Stony Brook University's Center for Survey Research, some Long Islanders are taking unhealthy measures to cope with the high cost of prescription drugs.

The survey found that one in five (21%) residents delay filling their prescriptions, skip doses, or go without other necessities such as food and heat. In addition, 12% lack any prescription drug coverage.

Other survey highlights include:
-- 18% of young adults ages 18 and 34 lack prescription drug coverage.
-- 16% of Nassau County residents lack drug coverage compared to 9% in Suffolk County.
-- 24% of people ages 35 and 64 had delayed filling their prescriptions, skipped doses, or have gone without other necessities.

Unexamined are questions related to the over prescription of drugs.
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