Tom Suozzi Seeks 3rd Term: Promises a Property Tax Revolution

Tom Suozzi kicked off his bid for a third term as Nassau County Executive with a spirited call for a property tax revolution.

Billing himself as a problem-solver, Suozzi credits his administration with stabilizing the county's finances and cleaning up brownfields. But, he says, property taxes are still a major problem.

Suozzi's gameplan:
    • make the governments in Nassau more efficient including consolidating governments
    • expand the tax base by getting projects the like the Lighthouse Project and the Coliseum built
    • fight for Nassau's 'fair share' of state aid
    • Stop costly state mandates
What's interesting is that Suozzi is both a seasoned executive as well as one of New York's most promising politicians. He's also one of the most Latino-friendly political leaders in the state.

Friends of Suozzi - Youtube
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