Amazing Video of the Ditching and Rescue of US Airways Flight 1549

The ditching of US Airways Flt 1549 and immediate response by passenger ferries is captured in this incredible 10 minute segment video from a security camera.

Here's what you'll see:

    • The plane appears to hit water at 3:31:00pm and begins a fairly rapid drift down river.
    • The camera zooms in at 3:32.39 to find passengers spilling out onto the wings.
    • The camera pans right and records at 3:32:49 the first ferry steaming towards the plane. It makes contact at 3:35:08.
    • A second ferry enters the frame from the Manhattan side on the left at 3:36:09, quickly followed by a 3rd ferry from the same direction at 3:36:49.
    • By 3:38:00 the ferries surround the quickly drifting plane and began pulling people off the wings.
    • The rescue happens while the plane, 3 large ferries and 150 passengers are pushed downstream by a strong current of the frigid Hudson.
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