Marga Gomez: Long Island Iced Latina

In this clip of her recent SF show, Marga Gomez talks about the emotional high of Barack Obama's election followed by the low of the California Gay marriage ban. She knows how to turn pain into laughter. It's what good comics do.

The daughter of Cuban comedian Wilfredo Gomez (aka, Willy Chevalier) and Puerto Rican dancer Margarita Estremera, Marga was raised in the extremes that are Manhattan and Massapequa. She loved Manhattan. Massapequa was torturous. Aside from the Gomez stage gene, it was her experience as a lonely and only Latina at the Massapequa High School that really drew her to comedy.

It's those formative years trying to survive in the hometown of Jessica Hahn and Joey Buttafuoco that provides material for Marga's upcoming comedic venture -- Long Island Iced Latina. Here's the blurb:

Gomez continues to workshop this intoxicating comedic memoir of her awkward adolescence in Massapequa, Long Island, mixing equal parts cultural confusion, chronic virginity, mother-daughter instability and a splash of polyester fashion to paint a sardonic picture of her uprooted life as the new brown girl in a white high school.

January 8 – January 17, 2009
Marga Gomez’s
The Marsh Theatre
1062 Valencia
San Francisco, California
Two weeks of Workshop Performances
Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 8 pm
Tickets $15-$50
Marga Gomez - MySpace
Marga Gomez Videos
The Marsh's new Winter-Spring season
Marga Gomez -Wikipedia
Marga Gomez -Answers

From Miss Gomez to “jaded lesbian,” Marga Gomez grows up?

For the record: I have friends and family members that live in Massapequa--and its a fine place.
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