Manorhaven Voters Oust Anti-Latino Mayor


Latinos of Manorhaven won an important victory yesterday with the ouster incumbent Mayor Nicholas Capozzi. He is the politician shown on NYC's Channel 2 making, denying and then excusing these racist anti-Latino comments:

“The Spaniolis are rolling all over the [expletive] place … It looks like [expletive] Harlem. It looks worse than Harlem. It’s a [expletive] hole over there.”
The public airing of the mayor's racist rant prompted outraged Latino and nonLatino Manorhaven residents to protest. When a petition demanding the mayor's resignation was ignored, residents then took the opportunity afforded by yesterday's mayoral vote to evict the disgraced Capozzi from power.

The voters instead chose local postal official, environmental activist and zoning board member, Michael Meehan, as mayor. Meehan, whose wife is of Guatemalan heritage, campaigned in part on improving village relations with the Latino community.

Congratulations to Meehan and the good people of Manorhaven.

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