Isabel Pinto: Prepared to Succeed

According to Newsday's Long Island college freshmen find ways to adjust, Mineola High School graduate Isabel Pinto is thriving as a 1st year pre-law student at St. John's University.

However, many students struggle to adapt to the requirements of college life. Nationally, 16 percent of students at four-year colleges drop out or transfer before sophomore year.

While resourceful students and colleges with well-thought out support programs can ensure a successful transition to college, much more needs to be done to keep students in college--especially for struggling Latino students. The Lumina Foundation has taken a close at the challenges of Latino students and college retention (Camino A La Universidad) and they have issued a number of important recommendations.

Of course, the best college retention program is ensuring that students gain the academic and social skills necessary to succeed before they arrive on a college campus. Credit to the teachers Mineola High School and her parents for ensuring that Isabel Pinto was prepared to succeed.
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